PHPprime Primary Care Providers and Preferred Specialists are expected to use the MCS Essette Prior Authorization Portal to submit pre-certifications, referrals and prior authorization requests. Request access to the portal here.

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Care coordinators work in partnership with your PHPprime primary care provider to help you manage your health and overall well-being. Care coordinators are registered nurses, social workers and community resource specialists who are part of your health team.

Care coordinators are available to talk with you:

By phone or text as often as you need

In person at your doctor’s office or home

Here are some of the things care coordinators can help with:

  • Help you find resources for support with living a healthy life (for example: food, housing, financial and legal advice, transportation, mental health services and more)

Search our list of community resources.

Apple, House, and Piggy Bank

  • Help you manage your health
  • Educate and coach about chronic health conditions
  • Promote self-management skills
  • Guide communication between you and your health care providers

Chain Links

  • Connect you with care and support
  • Assess your needs and provide education
  • Help with referrals for services and coordinate care

Behavioral Health

  • Help you and your family members make informed decisions
  • Provide advance directives guidance
  • Offer resources for caregiver support
  • Educate about long-term care and life planning options

Learn more about advance care planning.

Doctor and Calendar

  • Help you understand and adhere to medicine you are taking or thinking about taking
  • Educate about proper use for safety and effectiveness
  • Provide tips for managing medications

Medication Bottle