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PHPprime members can remain independent but still access tailored resources to improve patient care and experience, like those at a hospital or insurer owned practice. PHPprime is led by a dedicated board of physicians who know the importance of freeing up your time to focus on patient care. The robust support network provided by PHPprime and Physician Health Partners allows our providers to deliver high quality care, operate profitable practices and maintain a greater sense of security in today’s shifting health care landscape.

As a PHPprime practice provider, you’ll experience:

  • Independence while having strong partnerships with hospitals and specialty providers that promote coordination and continuity of care
  • Management services that allow you to spend more of your time caring for patients
  • Opportunities to collaborate and contribute to innovative solutions for improved health care delivery and outcomes
  • Centralized data management and care coordination platforms that help with effective population health management
  • Unified efforts and support to help you achieve required, high-priority performance metrics
  • Competitive compensation and benefits programs, which may include performance-based bonus opportunities

With expertise and resources to support you, PHPprime can help you meet your goals of remaining independent, providing superior care to your patients and receiving practice support. Contact us today and learn how we can serve you.

“Our goals are to be profitable and deliver high quality health care. The benefits for me as a physician and as a physician owner are efficiencies in the practice.” – Dr. Ann Imhof, Peak Primary Care